Sterling silver and 23K Gold Pendant

Sterling silver and 23K Gold Pendant

  • $63.00

One-of-a-Kind: This sterling silver framed pendant has a depletion gilded* and reticulated* silver inset that has 23.5k gold highlights fused to the silver with a Keum Boo process*.  The bail is also sterling silver.

All pendants come with an 18 inch leather cord with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.  If you would prefer a 16”, 20” or 24” cord, please email me at before shipping. The bails are also designed to fit your own chain or cord.

* Depletion gilding is a process used mainly on silver alloys (e.g., reticulation silver-80/20, sterling silver-92.5/7.5).  The silver is repeatedly heated to draw the pure silver to the surface.  This prepares the silver for the Keum Boo process of fusing gold to the silver or the reticulation process.

* Reticulation is a heat process that is applied to silver that has been depletion gilded.  It relies on the differences in the melting temperature of copper and silver.  It leaves a texture in the silver piece as one metal melts faster than the other.  The texturing process is often unpredictable so the textures can varied widely.

* Keum Boo is a Korean process of applying 23-24 k gold leaf to depletion gilded silver using both heat and pressure.  It is permanently fused to the sterling silver.