Fine silver and Double spiral chain maille necklace

Fine silver and Double spiral chain maille necklace

  • $491.00

One-of-a-kind....Bold and impressive...Three fine silver medallions are strung with a double spiral chain maille chain including a double chain between the medallions and going part way up the neck on either side.  The medallions are impressed with pine needles and offset with fine silver casting grains on the largest, center medallion.  

These medallions were made with a silver clay product (PMC). The design was done in the wet clay, then they were left to dry. When dried, they were popped in a kiln at 1600 degrees F for 2 hours. While being fired in the kiln, the “clay” component was burned off and what was left is 99.95% silver (fine silver). Because they are almost pure silver, they do not tend to tarnish.

While still in the wet clay, designing stage, each of the medallions were impressed with actual pine needles and then the largest of the medallions also had fine silver casting grains pressed into the wet clay.

This necklace is 21” long.  The two smaller medallions are 1-1/2” and the larger, is 1-3/4”.  The chain is double spiral chain maille.