Blue on Copper Cuff

  • $106.00

One-of-a-Kind: This cuff exhibits a striking contrast of colors between the hammered copper base cuff and the anodized blue niobium* overlay.  The blue niobium was form-folded prior to anodizing and was anodized twice to get an interesting blend of colors.  The cuff is 1-1/4 inches wide and is self-adjusting to fit most wrist sizes.

* Niobium (Nb) is a reactive metal similar to titanium.  An electrical current passed through it will change the surface color (anodized).  The amount of voltage applied will determine the color.  It is hypoallergenic because it is resistant to acids and alkalines. To clean, if it loses it’s shine, use any window cleaner.  It costs about the same as sterling silver and is a bit lighter in weight.  While the anodized color should not fade, it is a surface color and can scratch but not readily.