Sterling Silver and Niobium Three Rings Chain Maille Bracelet

  • $227.00

This bracelet of sterling silver and anodized niobium* has a unique chain maille weave that has three niobium rings in clusters that are loose. This bracelet will literally roll up and down your arm! The anodized niobium sports “shades of blue” and interweaves elegantly with the sterling silver. The bracelet is available i lengths from 6” to 10”

SHIPPING: When you order this bracelet, it will be custom-made so, please add an extra 7 days for shipping. You can contact for a more exact shipping date.

* Niobium (Nb) is a reactive metal similar to titanium. An electrical current passed through it will change the surface color (anodized). The amount of voltage applied will determine the color. It is hypoallergenic. To clean, if it loses it’s shine, use any window cleaner. It costs about the same as sterling silver and is a bit lighter in weight. While the anodized color should not fade, it is a surface color and can scratch but not readily.